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"I never knew what the word forgiveness meant until I did , and that was the key," she shared.

"I thought forgiveness meant to be a slave to the other person and to give in and to give them the power.

In an interview with the claims that Sam is also single, although we really don’t know much more than that.

There’s no denying the pair’s on-screen and off-screen chemistry, which can only be described as ‘smolder, smolder, smolder’.

Both Sam and Caitriona are active on social media, but they’ve stayed mum on the topic of their love lives.

Caitriona has admitted that she’s a single lady at the moment, after dating Radio4 guitarist Dave Milone for a long time.

I think that would be jumping the gun, considering that we know so little about the actors and so little about their private lives.

Henry Randall "Hank" Baskett III (born September 4, 1982) is a former American football wide receiver who played in the National Football League for the Minnesota Vikings, Philadelphia Eagles and Indianapolis Colts.

There’s another behind-the-scenes video that fans keep pointing towards, the Entertainment Weekly interview where Sam and Caitriona are asked to name the sexiest song on their playlist.

They quickly joke back and forth, and Sam ends the exchange with, “ Is that a joke? Again, it’s hard to tell, but many fans have already taken that as proof that they’re living together.

Although Baskett has stated that nothing happened between the two, “The couple is doing their best to appear as if everything is okay on the surface.

To prove it, the parents brought their son, Hank Baskett Jr, to Disneyland and acted as if they didn’t have a care in the world.”‘s source says she is asking her friends to help her find people to date, even though she is still married, and the couple have two young children together — something that may backfire on her if she ends up divorcing Hank, and WEtv decides there isn’t a strong enough storyline to continue the series.

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A native of Clovis, New Mexico, Baskett played college football for the University of New Mexico.

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