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“Nothing is known about the potential developers and investors.

There are growing concerns and doubts among the people due to lack of transparency.” Citicwas not immediately available for comment.

Myanmar’s parliament approved development of the economic zone on Tuesday despite opposition from activists and lawmakers who criticised the tender process and said the development would have a negative impact on the people.

“It isn't known whose land will be seized and how they will be compensated,” Ba Shin, a lower house MP for Kyaukphyu, said.

Her boyfriend had abandoned her after finding out she was pregnant -- a familiar story in Myanmar, where many consider women "ruined" if they have sex before marriage.

With no other option in sight, she joined the hundreds of thousands of women in the country who risk their lives every year seeking out illegal backstreet abortions.

"My heart was beating very fast (after taking the final dose) and I was trembling all over...

The latest story to anger the military, published in The Voice newspaper in late March, took aim at a propaganda film called Pyi Daung Su Thit Sar (Faithful to the Union) lauding the army's victories over armed ethnic groups.

Mr Kyaw Swa Naing, who wrote the story under a pen name, said he would report to the police on Thursday (May 18) over the case brought under the country's increasingly used and broadly worded telecommunications law which forbids "defaming or disturbing" people online.

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In a small apartment in Southport, Rahman sits on a bed in the living room fashioned as a couch.

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