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For more details about the genealogical information available at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Family History Centers, see our page devoted to Where to find information.

"HISTORIA DE FAMILIAS CUBANAS" ("Histories of Cuban Families") by Francisco Xavier de Santa Cruz y Mallen Conde de San Juan de Jaruco y de Santa Cruz de Mopox ISBN: 0-89729-379-70 The books were published as follows: Volume 1 Editorial Hercules, Habana, Cuba 1940 Volume 2 Editorial Hercules, Habana, Cuba 1940 Volume 3 Editorial Hercules, Habana, Cuba 1942 Volume 4 Editorial Hercules, Habana, Cuba 1943 Volume 5 Editorial Hercules, Habana, Cuba 1944 Volume 6 Editorial Hercules, Habana, Cuba 1950 Volume 7 Ediciones Universal, Miami, Florida 1985 ISBN: 0-89729-380-0 Volume 8 Ediciones Universal, Miami, Florida 1986 ISBN: 0-89729-408-4 Volume 9 Ediciones Universal, Miami, Florida 1988 ISBN: 0-89729-409-2 After the Count's death in 1954 his son, Pedro de Santa Cruz y Goicochea, was able to bring to Miami the personal archives of his father and started editing the next volumes.

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Or see the final download post here by Klaus Pfeiffer for the ready-to-use expanded version for WP8 .) (on the Tools menu): More than a grammar checker and writing style analyst, Grammatik can check spelling, flag duplicate adjacent words and punctuation (such as might occur with cutting/copying and pasting), and more.One of our readers, Denise Villareal, provided us with the following information (Aug 2005): I used to live in Hialeah Florida. Señor Santa Cruz said that he had boxes of his father's research that were slowly being destroyed because of the humidity of his South Beach apartment, and he asked if we could help him do something to preserve them.One of the sons of the Count of Jaruco contacted the Family History Center to see if we were interested in purchasing a set of his father's Historia books. He was in poor health and concerned about what would happen to them after he died.In addition to receiving CE Credit, you as a tax professional, will find the Educational Library to be an invaluable year round reference tool.This index identifies tax topics, and which video lesson they can be found in your Lambers CE Library.

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