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We need to insert a new web part zone to enable us to insert our Data view web part into our ASPX page.Navigate to Insert / Share Point Controls / Web Part Zone. The object model can be pictorially described as: The data residing in a data store or database is retrieved through the data provider. Net applications for retrieving, accessing and updating data. Net object model is nothing but the structured process flow through various components.Microsoft has reached out to ask me if I would be so kind to stress that the solution described below is a temporary solution and it could be that things might change in the future. You can find the announcement here: https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/enterprisemobility/2017/02/08/azure-information-protection-december-update-moves-to-general-availability/ What was also part of that release, but wasn’t mentioned in the announcement, is the integration with Share Point metadata columns. this year, Microsoft made the latest version of Azure Information Protection (AIP) general available.Modernizr is a small piece of Java Script code that automatically detects the availability of next-generation web technologies in your user's browsers.

With the latest release it is possible to do the configuration in the Azure Portal.I first introduced the Data View Web Part (DVWP) in one of my articles earlier this year which you can access here and discussed a couple of scenarios in which you can utilise the DVWP.In today’s example I will elaborate on the DVWP and provide you with a step by step scenario in how you can display a Share Point list from one site to another site.When a connection is established with the database, the data adapter creates a dataset and stores data in it. Click Dim connection As Sql Connection = New sqlconnection() connection.After the data is retrieved and stored in a dataset, the connection with the database is closed. The dataset works as a virtual database containing tables, rows, and columns. Connection String = "Data Source=KABIR-DESKTOP; _ Initial Catalog=test DB; Integrated Security=True" connection. Tables(0) End Sub End Class When the above code is executed and run using Start button available at the Microsoft Visual Studio tool bar, it will show the following window: Clicking the Fill button displays the table on the data grid view control: We have discussed that the Data Set components like Data Table, Data Column and Data Row allow us to create tables, columns and rows, respectively.

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