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Applications never call the display driver directly.Under Windows 2000 and later, the Direct Draw driver is always implemented as 32-bit code.Direct Draw can also provide applications such as games direct access to features of particular display devices.Direct Draw is a deprecated API that used to be a part of Microsoft's Direct X API.The Direct Draw driver is a device-specific interface usually provided by the display hardware manufacturer.Direct Draw exposes methods to the application and uses the Direct Draw portion of the display driver to work directly with the hardware.

Direct Draw can still be used by programmers, but they must use older Direct X interfaces (Direct X 7 and below).Direct Draw is used to accelerate rendering of graphics in applications.Direct Draw also allows applications to run fullscreen or embedded in a window such as most other MS Windows applications., a graphics API for Microsoft Windows, and is used by Star Craft to draw 2D graphics. Releases of Windows since Windows XP has gradually introduced graphical bugs because the API is unsupported by Microsoft in an effort to alleviate any graphical bugs that may occur in newer versions of Windows.Blizzard has never officially announced this feature, and it's unknown which patch introduced this feature, though it's safe to say that it has been added after Windows Vista was released.

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