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Sepanjang 3 tahun perkahwinan, kami telah dikurniakan 2 orang cahaya mata, anak kami yg bongsu masih berusia setahun setengah.

It's possible to discover what a potential an individual has using their natal charts.

Remember that flood of erect penis pictures we found filling up the ‘Dick Pics4Freedom‘ Reddit thread on Thursday?

Well, let’s just say there are 150 more beautiful x-rated acts of protest for your viewing pleasure since we broke the story.

The rulers of these houses take some special places in the charts, so the situation can be revealed after analyzing these rulers: their places, aspects and positions by signs and houses.

Examples: A client finds his II house (in Virgin) ruler Mercury (in Gemini) in his X house conjunct to his Sun with trine to Moon (VI house) and sextile to Mars and Saturn (XII house).

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