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I highly recommend that you watch my Accomodating Resistance Theoretical webinar carefully to make sure you are performing the exercises CORRECTLY..." In this webinar Louie Simmons guides you through a seminar descussing the theory and science behind accommodating resistance.This is a must see before the practical webinar Accommodating Resistance Part 2.The term “accommodating resistance” is also commonly used when discussing chain-resistance training.Accommodating resistance allows for the resistance to increase in the biomechanical advantageous positions as the muscle is capable of exerting greater force (2).In other words, the weight of the chains ‘accommodates’ (i.e.gets heavier or lighter) alongside the athlete’s ability to produce force – when they are in either a stronger position or a weaker one.

Bands and chains can be instrumental in developing these aspects of strength.

The differences that powerlifting equipment bring to the lifts has created much confusion with people interested in the method of accommodating resistance.

The same methods work, no matter what your equipment is, but the degree of accommodation needs to be thought about with regards to what your goal is with the method.

Although chain-resistance training has become very popular, there is still a significant lack in the theoretical understanding of this training modality.

Having said that, it appears that accommodating loads of 20% of 1RM may be sufficient for improving force production in trained, but not untrained athletes, and that this is accompanied with reduce barbell velocities.

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