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"These are short, 30-minute episodes, so it's not anything dramatic or serious.We just wanted to capture who we are when we clock out of Ryan Seacrest, the series shines a light not on Pickler's music, but on her relationship with husband, songwriter and producer Kyle Jacobs. that's fine with Pickler, who views the show as a video scrapbook capturing the highlights — not the lows — of the past summer.In a sizzle reel for the show, CMT captures the pair relaxing at home, speeding through the Nashville suburbs in Pickler's Jeep and attempting to say "boiled peanuts" with heavy Southern accents. "It's lighthearted and funny and silly," she told last week, hours after the show wrapped up its final day of filming."I'm overwhelmed with joy," Pickler told Us Weekly after the show. "I was shocked to have made it this far," the "Best Days of Your Life" singer explained to Us. "The first thing he said tonight was, ' Baby, I love you and I'm so proud of you."We've made so many memories out here on this dance floor and in the studio. You did it.'" And Pickler won't be hanging up her dancing shoes just yet. Jacobs told Us that he will "man up" and dance with his wife.I love its message and I love her voice, and that melody. I think it's very cleverly written and a sweet song.

But in a great way." PHOTOS: DWTS hottest hookups Pickler's husband Kyle Jacobs was also overwhelmed by his wife's victory -- and shed a few tears! ' And he was like, ' Oh, I had something in my eye.

And at the end of the day, this is all first-world problems. So from the get-go, Kyle and I had to build boundaries.

You can let people in without exploiting every part of your life.

I don't care about bells and whistles; I just want to hear a good country song.

It's funny because we're right in Nashville and we're the ones with bonfires, the ones breaking the law.

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It's about us — not what we do for our profession, but what we do at home with our friends." You've been on television since , you don't know what you're doing. Suddenly, I'm out in Hollywood and don't know anybody. I just decided to wear my heart on my sleeve and learn as I go. With anything you do in life — professionally or personally — you have to build boundaries and only share what you're comfortable sharing.

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